ESPN gave Carillo the boot – good riddance!  I had hopes she had been shipped out to do service

somewhere, anywhere else. (How about this hilarious photo of Mary?  LOL)

Now the Tennis Channel signed her up.  The channel is covering the early rounds of the US Open.  I’ll see how long I can tolerate her commentating.  I am not trying to be hard on Mary Carillo but the woman does have issues!

Remember the rant she went on and stayed on regarding my girl Serena’s conflict with the line judge? (Okay so I am putting that mildly.) True it is that Serena had a moment, one of those I call an “out-of-body experience,” during the finals of the 2009 US Open.

Don’t agree with the manner with which Serena reacted; at the same time, I do understand it.   I am still asking who the hell calls a foot fault when players are at championship point.  I have never heard of such an occurrence but maybe someone can enlighten me.  Please!!!   Is it Serena’s fault that the USTA chose a Blind person as a line judge?  😉

As we all know Serena apologized and paid the hefty (around $90,000) fine imposed by the USTA . Carillo practically called for Serena to be “Banned” from the game of tennis. Pitiful display of shall we say envy?  That little green monster is quite busy all the time.  Right Mary?

As if Carillo alone isn’t painful enough to the ears, the Tennis Channel(TC)  has her pairing her up in the
Pre-Game spot with Justin Gimelstob (an arrogantly stupid, pompous pie-hole).

At least with TC I don’t have to suffer through loud mouth biased Pam Shriver and her partners in annoyance Chris Fowler and Patrick McEnroe. Thank you Lawd for small favors.  And thank goodness for Live Streaming – which gives me relief from commentators from hell regardless of the tv channel.

2 thoughts on “She’s Baaaccckkk…MARY CARILLO on TENNIS CHANNEL

  1. Mary S. Geraghty September 12, 2011 / 11:42 am

    What country is Mary Carillo from? Everything she commented about Serena Williams was negative. The 2 William’s sisters have been the only females from the US that have kept our country in the Tennis news. Why can’t she be proud of their many accomplishments instead of putting them down? Serena and her family have gone through so much heartache, health and personal tragedy and no one would blame her if she had pulled out of the US Open but NO she persisted on her quest to represent the United States during this most difficult time to the best of her ability. We take them for granted and won’t realize how much they’ve done for Women’s tennis, our country and just tennis in general. For many years, the interest has dropped in this sport and it’s a shame. We as a nation need to do something to get our kids to see what a tremendous lifetime sport this is. Young children to the older seniors who now play, feel and reap the many rewards it offers. The health aspects are obvious but also the socialization process, and the learning of so many different skills mentally playing this sport is an ongoing learning process. Back to Mary Carillo, she needs to be more positive to all the players who work so hard nowadays, the level is so high and even the number 200 player is fantastic. For her to downgrade their ability in any way is totally wrong. Give credit where credit is due and remember Serena Williams is the absolute best American woman tennis player to represent the US since Billie Jean King. Get with it Mary Carillo and don’t knock one of the very reasons YOU even have a job. Be thankful and appreciative of her and her sister. We’ll ALL miss them when they are no longer active in the sport we love so much. Thanks for listening and please get someone younger and more positive to replace Mary Carrillo as an announcer. Sincerely, Mary S. Geraghty


    • wmssisrock September 25, 2011 / 10:16 pm

      To: Mary
      Big thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Willams Sisters Rock. Agree with all your comments about Mary Carillo. Maybe her days as a tennis commentator should be over; at least ESPN thought so and did not renew her contract! I dread the day when Serena and Venus retire from the game. Just stared my two grandsons in tennis. Agree its a lifetime sports activity and enjoy getting to the courts now and then myself. 🙂 If you have any suggestions for blog topics, please let me know:

      Again Thanks!


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