Otherwise the Tennis Channel does provide a mix of commentators and analysts who bring true experience and truly insightful play-by-play coverage. Unlike ESPN’s roster of talent the Tennis Channel brings diversity to its broadcast team.

Hopefully you have caught Katrina Adams on the air. She is a talented African-American woman who brings insightful commentary as an analyst. Born in Chicago she is a former professional tennis player whose high world rankings included No. 8 in doubles and No. 67 in singles in 1989.

(Bio at
We just don’t see enough of her though! Maybe her coaching duties impact her availability.  All I know is that she is very good.

Sharing below my favorite’s on the Tennis Channel’s broadcast team:

  • Martina Navratilova brings unabridged, dead-on commentary. Sure she does at times talk nonstop:
    heck at least this former record-setting champ knows what she is talking about! (That was for you Patrick McEnroe!  You have been wearing that title of being brother to John for way too long.)

I like the work of Lindsey Davenport.  She is insightful and candid as a commentator/analyst on the Tennis Channel.  I appreciate that she manages to stay balanced as opposed to biased? (Hope you heard that Pam Shriver!)

  • Bill Macatee does double duty and anchor and producer. I like his comfortable demeanor and obvious love of the game.  Additionally I respect that he gives respect to the former players on set to provide the play-by-play. (Hear that Mr. Scarcastic-I-Talk-Over-Everybody on the set Chris Fowler?)


I’ll be watching to see her put both feet into her mouth again. LOL

Words that make me go “Awww Lawd No!”  According to Mary …”
I am just working at the French Open and the U.S. Open for the Tennis
Channel. I will be there in Paris and Wimbledon for NBC as well. At the U.S. Open, I also work for CBS. In the Tennis Channel, there are a lot of hours. I think I will be sort of heading up a couple of hours everyday where I will be doing interviews and updates. I will have discussions with our esteemed panelists…”  My reaction angain is Awww Lawd No!

I must add that I do appreciate Mary Carillo’s contributions on Real Sports hosted by  Bryant Gumble which airs on HBO! Mary has put together some well done documentaries as an investigative reporter.  Perhaps Ms. Mary … that is where you should stay.  ;(

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