SERENA Not only Looked Fantastic and Handled the Press like the Pro She Is

I admire Serena for so many reasons, especially her ability to masterfully manage the American Press!  It is clear they always strive to create conflict and controversy by attempts to push emotional reactions.  No matter how a negative question is posed Serena tactfully responds in ways that keeps the focus on the game of tennis.  Terrific example is cited below:

Her response to a question in the Post Game Interview.

Question: The last time you played here wasn’t a great occasion. When you
walked out on the court tonight, what were you feeling?

Serena’s Answer: I feel fine. Even last time I played
here, I went out with a bang. I came in with a bang tonight. So it’s all good.

My Response to Serena: Good is too subtle a word for the way you played in that 1st round match, let’s go with


How about the New York crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium giving Serena a warm welcome?  And the fans were rewarded by seeing Serena put on a clinic of how a “Tough Woman Plays Tennis!”  Image not playing for over a year and
returning as still the best player in the women’s game, this one obvious statement all the pundits agree on.  Not
enough can be said about the positive effect of the return of the Williams sisters to the game.   Serena and Venus playing such a high level of tennis continue to encourage, make that force) the rest of the WTA to strive to step up their game.  True that!



Serena demolished Serbia’s Bojana Jovanovski 6-1 6-1 in less than an hour.
The poor young player with tears in her eyes had no idea what hit her.  So sorry for you but you hopefully
will use that a… whopping to practice, practice and practice some more.  The rest of the story is this; Serena finished championship form with 22 winners and 10 unforced errors and won 89 percent of her first-serve points.  Awesome!

For those who resent Serena’s ability to return to championship form after injuries got an in-your-face performer, providing another potent reminder of who he is in professional sports.  Forget remembering the Alamo, honey remember that Australian Open!


The media has always been biased and resentful of the success of the Williams sister.  Yeah that is what I said and that is what I have heard since they entered the so-called lofty, exclusive game of tennis.  A gazillion times since Serena’s return from injury they continue refer ad nauseum to her reaction to the lineswoman’s foot-fault calls in every interview and especially in comments from the ESPN sad excuse
for a team of commentators and analysts.

Hell fire what they need to put into the scenario is the unfairness of the hefty fine of almost $100,000 the USTA lodged against her, unheard of all time high in not just tennis for all pro sports.  Even Pam Shriver, my most non-favorite tennisTV personality, stated this as fact!

I remain peeved (make that pissed) about the USTA’s seeding 28th a player who has won the U.S. Open three times. Oh how the biased ESPN commentators state and repeat and repeat “… but is still onprobation for her outburst two years ago!”
To them I say go piss up a rope (especially to that ho ho Hannah Storm and sarcastic pie-hole Chris Fowler.  Two
ESPN talking heads who know nothing, nothing, and nothing about tennis period; except what they read from the teleprompter. Disgusting!

Blogging again after Venus match today (Wednesday)!

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