Serena Put on Her Red Dress – Then Put a Hurting On Krajicek

“She wants me to do my best!”  

That was the answer Serena gave when asked about sister Venus, who the day previously had pulled out of the US Open on Wednesday after disclosing suffering from an autoimmune disorder.

And do her best did Serena in her second round match on Thursday!  She was swirling in diamonds and so was that tennis ball (swirling that is).  Looking “out-of-sight good” in the red day-time tennis dress designed by Nike, Serena came onto the court also wearing her “I came to take no prisoners game face!

She came to the net for the coin toss swinging her racquet and from then on Baby her game was nothing but ON!  Of course it was short but sweet.  The match lasted all of 49 minutes.  Her opponent Krajicek said it best when talking to reporters by asking “”Did you guys see the match? Or was it too quick?” Hey Krajicek it wasn’t too quick, it was just too much Serena!

Just how baaaad is Serena?  Well Michael Jackson sang it best – “You know I’m Bad, I’m Bad, Really Really Bad!” Need a better picture then take a look at the stats listed below, they speak to the finesse Serena brought on game day:

  • She hit 10 aces
  • She compiled a 25-5 edge in winners
  • She made only 10 unforced errors
  • She erased the only break point she faced

Talking more about Venus …

Serena states “…she wouldn’t want me to suffer,” Serena said. “So now, if anything, it should motivate me more.” 


Say what?  A more motivated Serena!  To the rest of the field I say, be afraid, be very afraid and then be scared!  Remember her world ranking jumped from 175 back to 29 for winning two of the last three tournaments she has entered.  She’s won 14 matches in a row and 29 of her last 30 on hard courts.

Watch out now!  Serena is more fit than ever and is back playing at her top level.  Plus she has added a higher mental edge, strategizing how and when to best apply her weapons.  Betcha’ when the other women players say their prayers each night they start with “Dear Lord please let Serena retire soon!”  Too bad, so sad, so true!

The moral of this story is ­this – no one in today’s game neither can nor will beat Serena.

(Note the photo above.  Is that Serena waving at the crowd or is she giving a subtle reminder to the crowd of where she truly stands in the rankings?  Just asking ;)?)

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