Serena Delivers the Pain

Okay it was the Round Three that should have been at least a quarter or semi-final.  Hey blame it on the USTA.  Anyway Serena came out serious, quietly furious and taught Azzy some painful lessons.

Don’t take my word for it, here is what Azarenka herself had to say after the match .

“She’s playing at a higher level than I’ve seen her play,” Azarenka said.

Serena brought on the pain.  The attack was devastating as Azarenka had to withstand withering and relentless blows as Williams opened the match by going up by 5-0 after only 17 minutes. It was like a body blow to the 22-year-old from Belarus.  To those who think Serena is old in tennis years, well she showed us all what 29 can do!  As Kane sings “Throw Your Hands UP!” in praise to Ree.

“What’s it like?” Azarenka said. “It’s painful. To have somebody going at you like that, it’s a little bit painful. You try to do your best, but somebody’s on fire.”

Well Azzy that is exactly what I saw girfriend.  Now Azzy has game and she exhibited that in the second set.  She will continue to win matches on other days, but not Today!  Hah!

Time to address the players remaining in the Open.  Taking a gander at both sides of the draw who is left that can take the trophy from Lady Serena?  (Why did I ask that foolish question?) 🙂  Bit it felt so good I am gonna ask another one.  Who can match a fitter Serena in confidence, who possesses her accuracy, mental fortitude and championship attitude?  No One!

Hey USTA, you with the smart ass seeding decision placing the three-time US Open Champ 28th – give the woman the danggone trophy! Right Now!  Okay we will wait but for sure, Serena has US Open number four coming up!  The only thing the USTA did right was to choose for the theme song Cee Lo”s  “Bright Lights, Big City!”  And they should have asked him to do a version titled “Bright Lights, Big City, Better Serena”.

Love the way Serena accepted without a word the 28th seeding, then put on her Red Dress and came out swinging.  Hell she hit 38 winners in taking down Ms. Azzy.  You are looking good Serena like I knew you would, like only you could!

Keep bringing on the Pain Serena but just beat ’em don’t hurt ’em! Hey, Hey, Hey! :()

SPECIAL NOTE:  Did you check out Serena waving to crowd after the match

and facing the folks on all sides of Arthur Ashe Court;

then raising her arm signifying who she truly is –

just as she did three days ago.

Here is a reminder on the right!

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