Well she should be able too for the FOUL PLAY she was forced to endure during the 2004 US Open.  Serena hit a backhand well inside the sideline at deuce in the opening game of the third set that was called good by the lineswoman but overruled by umpire Mariana Alves.  Serena’s shot was clearly in!  How bad was that call – that umpire did not officiate any further matches at that year’s tournament.  And get this  – “I called Serena,” said Arlen Kantarian, the Chief Executive of Professional Tennis. “I apologized for the call, the overrule — which was a clear mistake — and told her how important she was to the U.S. Open, how she was a class act and how well she handled the situation last night.”

Tennis commentators continue to harp on the 2009 incident ad nauseum this year!  Perhaps Serena’s outburst had a little something to do with the injustice she suffered in 2004.  She questioned the umpire but received no recompensation and the point was given to her opponent.  At the end of the day Serena is suppose to be satisfied with that lame APOLOGY from the powers that be.

So hell fire five years later,  in 2009 she probably had a flashback!  Because in 2004 it wasn’t just the Umpire’s overrule of that one shot, but several other unfair calls by linesmen that the umpire most definitely did not overrule.  For sure that umpire deserved to have a ball stuffed down her throat!  Hell I would have, but then that’s why Serena is a champion and I am not.  The furor over the overrule and other linecalls that went against Williams in the match renewed calls for technology to be used  enabling players to question close decisions.  Those in the know in the tennis world even agree that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back – so the Challenge Rule was implemented with the Hawk Eye System to the Rescue.

Can a Sister get some Love for maintaining her composure after being the recipient of one of the worst calls in the history of the game?  Yes she can from this tennis fan!  As for the blind little asian lady who called those foot faults in 2009 – why did you go there –  with the “she threaten to kill me” comment to the USTA Officials?  Could it be you watch too much of The Wire or news reports about the Big Bad Boogey-Black Woman?  Video and audio of Serena clearly tells the story and that threat is no where in the audio.  ” I will F>>> you up” is a long way from the threat of murder!  Anyway I digress.

For more about that UNBELIEVABLE 2004 US Open incident, read on…

This was an intense quarterfinal matchbetween Jennifer Capriati and Serena.   Tough crowd for Serena under the lights at Flushing Meadows as Capriati, a New Yorker, had long been the darling of the New York crowd!  What should have been a match filled with great competitive tennis instead became a night ripe with drama, all to the detriment of Serena.

Let me describe the four crucial calls that went against Serena in the final set that should have been in her favor.  The first bad call came at deuce on Serena’s serve in the first game of the third set was clearly a ball that landed inside the line. Quite literally, it’s the worst call I’ve ever seen. Serena’s ball was good, the linesperson even called it in, so I have no idea why the umpire, Mariana Alves of Portugal, changed that call.

It was such a well contested match, there was so much drama, there was so many changes of momentum, it deserved better. Yes, it was an uneven match. Part of it was high quality, and parts of it lacked some luster. Most of all, it was just an unfortunate way to end a match. Asked about it afterwards, Capriati mistakenly said that it didn’t matter because Serena won the game anyway, but that isn’t the case since she did lose her serve in that first game and that put her behind at the outset of the final set.

I thought it was absolutely incredible how Serena kept her composure in that final set. Most especially on that first bad call, and I really don’t know how she did that. While you could tell she was upset, she behaved admirably l considering the significance of the moment. You could tell that Serena and Capriati thought that Serena’s shot was in since they moved to the other side of the court to play the next point.

Capriati being the fine upstanding sportsman that she is (Not) acknowledged to the umpire that the ball was in – NO she did not.  Other players have done so in such situations, Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors and even John McEnroe.  But Capriati whose claim to fame outside of tennis was a shoplifting charge and another of marijuana possession, just didn’t have honor in her resume of fame.  Anyway Capriati secured a 2-6, 6-4, 6-4 win.  But Karma is a Bitch and she rightfully lost her next match!

After the match, Serena said she thought the umpire was temporarily insane.  Personally,  I think the umpire was temporarily blind if she couldn’t see the mistakes she was making on those calls.  Obviously five years later this Portugese umpire would reincarnate herself as a temporarily blind Asian lineswoman working the 2009 US Open.  Damn Serena some girls have all the luck! 😦

But that is not the end of the story.  Serena also commented in her post-match interview in 20 “I’d prefer she not umpire at my court anymore,” Williams said. “She’s obviously anti-Serena.”  And I’ll be damned if the woman was hired to officiate as umpire in 2010 in a match Serena played at Wimbledon.  Say what?  Well what Serena did was the classy thing her parents raised her to do – she played the match without comment to the past, and of course she won!  Yeah Serena Ms. Arlen Kantarian, the Chief Executive of Professional Tennis got it right the first time…“I called Serena and told her how important she was to the U.S. Open, how she was a class act and how well she handled the situation last night.”

Hey tennis commentators and sports writers how ’bout telling the whole story when you talk about Serena Williams owing the USTA/US OPEN more apologies.  Hell they imposed upon her the heftiest fine in the history of tennis.  You took the damn money now shut the hell up!   Give Serena that trophy for the 4th Time!

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