For Serena ……… those Hits Just Keep on a Coming



Hits Just Keep Coming…

Okay let’s get to the title of this Post.  I am pissed off.  The Tennis Channel,  in all their wisdom and sense of fair play, re-aired the 2009 final.  Necessary?  Hell no!  Especially when tradition speaks to them airing classic matches.  How about one of those John McEnroe matches when he is going off as usual and acting like a fool?

But no, let’s keep bringing up that 2009 final as it helps us keep from thinking about the awards ceremony and having to present the winner’s trophy to Serena Williams.  I can just see the USTA officials crying more about this reality than the rain that caused two days of delay and postponement; and of course the resulting loss revenue.  Shame on you bigots and greedy Ba$tard$!

But so it goes… when you happen to be the top US woman in tennis, these past many years, and you happen to be a sister of Another Color!  Yeah I said it and the USTA and company just keep the subtle but for sure racist attacks a coming!  After all these years one would think the snobbish white tennis world would have gotten over that.  Then again maybe I expect folk to move beyond who they are and their sense of entitlement!  Of course it is best to see the glass half full and continue to hope that people will rise to your expectations!  I wasn’t fooled one bit that ESPN didn’t have a hand in this; as they are controlling what the Tennis Channel can air during this Open.  Both are getting on my last nerve!


Hey Bright Lights, Big City New York get ready again to see on the court,  the most dominant women’s player in the game today!  Rain permitting of course.  My girl looked and sounded tired last night in an interview done once her evening match was called off.  But hey she had been wearing her game attitude all the danggone rainy day.  Feel a bit, only a little bit, for her opponent having to sleep again on the prospect of facing Serena.  Could be worse, the beat down could have happened yesterday.  Heh! Heh!

It’s not rocket science to say Serena in two sets.  Prediction for today’s match:  6-0  6-1 .  Serena will put on a clinic in how big girls play the game!  And there will be a free lesson for the little girl on the other side of the net on what she can work on, and in her dreams accomplish it.  Not hating, just telling it like Serena continues to prove that it is!  Can’t touch this – her game that is!

Go Serena, Go Serena, it’s your Open, it’s your Open.  Like 13 times before in a slam, take that trophy; then get with Venus, the whole family and friends, have a champagne toast and all together say “USTA How you like me now!”  Bam!

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