Serena Finds Her Form – Beats Pavlyuchenkova

Serena Shakes Hands with Pavlyuchenkova after Win

I love it when the commentators say “Williams, the 28th seed but
the favorite to win at Flushing Meadows!”  And win she did again on Thursday but not before being pushed to find her form!

Serena Loses Her Serve I could not believe my eyes.  In the first game of the match Serena lost serve.  Pavy is killing Serena’s second serve with winners down the line.  I’m thinking Serena what the BeesWax is going on? Serena is taking her time before serving, her face showing deep concentration. Then Serena wins it back in a love game to go up 4-3!  Alright now!  But Pavy holds strong, taking this 1st set to a tie break.  Serena wins the first set 7-5!

In my previous post I predicted Serena in two sets with a score of 6-0 and 6-2.  Thought the Russian would not be able to withstand Serena’s power
game.  And what happened she took that first set to a tie break.  I think the rain delay affected Serena’s energy and focus as most of the 23 unforced errors she committed took place in the first set.

Now I never doubted the outcome, but I was wrong in doubting that Pavlyuchenkova would be able to make it a competitive match.  So those nightmares I thought she was having last night…turned out to be visions of I believe I can compete with Serena.  Look for her ranking to rise!

On to the semifinal goes Serena 

How did she do it, come back from a sluggish start, having difficulty holding serve, with a hard hitting opponent across court?  Serena being Serena fought back and held her ground.  The second set saw her more focused, the unforced errors going way down.  This type of competitive match gave us a chance to see how smart and strategic a player is Serena.  The second set against the 17th-seeded Pavlyuchenkova took a half hour, and Serena moved two wins away from her 14th Grand Slam title.

Watching her ability to change directions with her shots, creating offense off of defense – awesome!  She needed every bit of her court speed with that ripping forehand of Pavy.  The reward for all the time Serena has invested in training with her new fitness coach.

Serena Comments on the Match
“I don’t know. For me it was a slow start, and once I lost serve, I was determined to break serve so I wouldn’t be down a break. Then I just kept losing serve in the beginning. Very weird,” said Williams. “I tried to move my feet a little better and just tried to get pumped up, because I felt like I wasn’t at my best. But I felt like I just tried to do a little [better], do everything just a little bit better.”

What Serena Says About Wozy
“I think Caroline is a very consistent player. . . . That’s pretty much
what it takes to be the best,” said Williams. “I think her weapon is
the fact that she never gives up. . . . That’s probably the biggest weapon you can have in all of tennis.”

Wozy is a great returner who keeps winning playing her defensive game; Serena’s aggressive style both on offense and defense will make this very interesting. Throughout the Open Serena has dominated and persevered when tested.  Wozy goes down in two sets.  With every challenge Serena has found her form.  That winning form!

2 thoughts on “Serena Finds Her Form – Beats Pavlyuchenkova

  1. Horace Joppaj September 9, 2011 / 1:48 pm

    Serena is showing everyone what tennis means to her! What a champion she is. Imagine coming off of an injury and rising to one’s top form. Love the red dress and I adore Serena! Can’t wait to see her in the trophy award ceremony.


    • wmssisrock September 25, 2011 / 10:19 pm

      To: Horace
      Big thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Willams Sisters Rock. Amazing what Serena accomplished in a short time aftering returning from the injury. I too loved the red dress. I keep wondering how that final would have gone, had not Serena being scheduled for a match that ended around 11:30pm the night before. (TV Ratings I guess). I know we will see her in a trophy award ceremony in near future. If you have any suggestions for blog topics, please let me know:

      Again Thanks!


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