Serena vs Federer: Who Wins the Most Slams

I vote for Serena of course.  Two major reasons I believe Serena has more slams in store:  (1).  The unforunate injuries have granted Serena more years in fitness, as her body benefitted from the rest periods.  (2) The current field in the WTA presents no top 4 like the ATP, not even a quality top 20; there are no women today or up and coming who match Serena in talent and ability.

Ever read something and go…dang…that’s just what I was thinking.  Poster NadalAgassi took the words right out of my head!  Read below his take on why Serena comes out ahead, then leave your comment – tell me what you think.

“Serena was a true prodigy who was marked from greatness from when she first set foot on tour.  Federer was not, it took alot more years of work to start making a mark.

Serena also has a more complete game with no weakness.   Federer has a weak backhand,weak offensive return (excellent defensive return though), and sometimes a weak mental game.

Serena also has more standout strengths especialy in historical terms.  She has hands down the greatest serve in womens tennis history, which Federer is not even close to amongst the men.   She has arguably the best groundstrokes off both sides of her own era in the womens game, Federer only arguably does off the forehand.   She is one of the most deadly and best returners in the history of womens tennis, Federer is not amongst the men.    She is one of the mentally toughest female players ever, Federer is not amongst the men.

Serena playing her best is also unbeatable.  Period.   Any opponent, any surface.”

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