“I don’t like second place,” Serena said later. “But it’s
going to propel me to work harder.”

At the US Open fin on Sunday Serena did not look at all like herself. Was it
the painful tendon in her right foot? A lack of energy after a long layoff and
a late-Saturday night semifinal finish versus Wozniacki?  According to reports it was around 2:30am before Serena was done with post-match interviews after the Wozy match.
Serena made no excuses, so neither will I.  In fact she was quite gracious in losing and
had these remarks about Stosur who earned only the third title of her

As I posted previously “THE HITS JUST KEEP ON A COMING”, this one the USTA.    Serena was fined $2,000 by the U.S. Open on Monday for her remarks to the chair umpire during the women’s singles championship match.

“I don’t even remember what I said. It was just so intense out there.
… I guess I’ll see it on YouTube.”

That was Serena’s response in the post-match  interview.  She was answering the question from a reporter about her exchange with the umpire and whether she regretted any of her words.

On Sunday night against Stosur, Williams faced a break point while serving
in the first game of the second set.

Serena ripped a forehand that she celebrated with her
familiar yell of “Come on!” But the umpire ruled that the scream came
while Stosur was reaching for a backhand, so the point wasn’t finished. Based
on the hindrance rule, skinny little blondie umpire Asderaki awarded the point to Stosur, putting the Australian ahead 1-0 in that set. According to ITF rules, the chair umpire has
the latitude not to make the call if he or she thinks the hindrance was

Damn why can’t Serena be given some slack by a USTA hired umpire?  After the fact Serena was rightfully upset, as the witch, I mean the umpire, could have had  the point replayed.  And that’s what that was!

I’m calling that witch ump by her rightful name this time, BITCH!  You can bet the $2,000 fine imposed on Serena that the USTA will definitely hire her again next year.  Many Golden Badge Umpires boycotted working the Open as the USTA pays the least of all the slams.  Cheap greedy beings that they are!

Serena went on to say in the news conference “I don’t even remember what I said,” Serena Told reporters. “It was just so intense out there. It’s the final for me,
I guess I’ll see it on YouTube. I was just in the zone. I think everyone, when
they play, they kind of zone out kinda thing. I don’t know, I’ll see it later,
I’m sure.”…”  Duh…it was the final of a slam?!  Love how Serena handles the press, in other words she said “Kiss what I can’t and it ain’t my elbow!  No one but Serena the American gets this kind of calls on game points, even footfaults on match points.  How sweet it ain’t!

Posters Jeruvia and Mary put it just right about the unfair manner the
so called “rules” are applied to Serena:

“The denial of an actual double-standard and pattern of questionable rulings and calls against Serena smacks of racism. When have you ever heard of a call like this against Azarenka
who grunts and grinds louder than Serena?


When have you ever heard of a foot fault
called in such a high profile match at such a time (semifinal against
Clijsters)?  Never.  Never mind that the replays CBS showed
revealed how questionable the call was in the first place.

The truth is racism is a scourge in this country and is the 800lb white lie
everyone – especially here on this forum – wants to deny. The high-holy
reaction and racial epithets against Serena here validate how pervasive this
scourge is. It’s difficult to confront how race may actually be at play in the
application of rules against some players and not against others. But it is an
explanation fair-minded people would have to consider.”

     “I enjoyed the game however I
wanted Serena to win. It amaze me how the USA really does not back these
girls. Thats from the USA fans that cheer for the other country women to the
sport commentaries. Without them the USA does not have a worthy player. I
guess Serena is the only player and that means fans and players who honestly
would have and did get mad. She was caught in the moment of the game and
Stosur would not have won that point regardless. Tell yourself how would you
have handle just a grand occassion and losing a point? Look at McEnroe and
all his disrepect to the game, players and the umpire… USA made him a
commentary! WOW…. Just look at how the media continues to air this part of
the game… WOW again, I guess she will be the headline in the news


13 championship trophies.  Greatest serve in women’s tennis.  Back from almost a year long injury absence.  And coming soon to another major tournament will be the greatest player in the WTA, Ms. Serena Williams.


Kudos to Dick Enberg who acknowledged how much Venus was missed this US Open, commenting how great she played in her one and only match, before going on to wish her recovery from the auto-immune disorder and a return to the game.  Will miss my favorite tennis commentator as he goes into retirement, marking this as his last tennis broadcast.  Anyway in my book and the history books, Venus and Serena, changed the women’s game for the better, ushering into the WTA the concept that “STRONGER IS BEAUTIFUL” originating that theme the WTA used as a promo this year!  Thanks for making me a fan of the game.  Rock on Williams Sisters!


  1. Trina Eldridge September 13, 2011 / 12:45 am

    Excellent article. I agree 1000%. Serena is the only one who gets these ridiculous calls – never anyone else. If they see that she is losing, they make a stupid call – which they choose to make – award points to her opponents and expect her not to get mad??? Let’s see you do that to Roger, Andy (who was particularly nasty to the US Open chairman about the condition of the court and nothing was said about that!!!) or anyone else on the tour. I could see it if it was something she did on a regular basis like Johnny Mac used to do but come on!!! Fair is fair and this wasn’t.


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