Serena Tweets Her Feelings about USTA 2011 Umpire’s Call

“My emotions did get the best of me this past weekend when I disagreed with the umpire,” Williams tweeted Wednesday. “It has been a long road to get back to the US Open this year, and I am thankful to have had such a great two weeks in New York.”

Tennis is a game in which players go to battle one against one another.  There are no team members to pass the ball too.  In matches players are challenged to be at their best physically, mentally and emotionally. 

In addition to the opponent on the other side of the net, there are umpires, referees, linesmen and ballboys.  Umpires have final say on enforcement of rules (ITF, ATP and WTA) and history has proven that they and the other officials don’t always get it right.  Hey that after all is why the Hawkeye Challene System was put in place. 

Is it totally unbelievable that there will be moments when a player who is giving it HER all will have a moment when emotions get out of tilter?  According to the USTA, commentators, sports writers and the press in general – if the tennis player is Serena Williams then yes it’s unbelievable; and,  it is a disgrace to the game of tennis.  That I find unbelievable!

And when all is said and done, the title of this Blog…says it all…

The Williams Sisters Rock…Rock on you strong and beauiful and talented women! 

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