Go down under and give’em Hell Dynamic Duo!

Hey! Hey! Hey!  Something special to look forward to at the Aussie Open 2012 – Andy Roddick and Serena will play mixed doubles!  Now Roddick does tick my last nerve at times…but I like his choice in picking doubles partners.

Serena made the announcement via Twitter on September 13th – check it out below:

 Serena Williams

@serenawilliamsSerena Williams
Me and @andyroddick decided to play mixed doubles Australia! We Love Aussie! …… Book it its real!

 Wanna’ bet horsey-face, biased tennis commentator Mary Carillo who thinks Serena should be banned from tennis …

 is twisting the head of the Roddick VooDoo doll she had made when she heard the news? 

Seriously speaking, with all the bad press that Serena has garnered, much respect to you Andy for doubling with Serena at this moment in time; and kudos to you Serena for staying strong and giving tennis fans the joy of watching you play the game of tennis. 

I’m saying it again –

Go down under and give’em hell Dynamic Duo!

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