Is it totally unbelievable that there will be moments when a player who is giving it their all will have a moment when emotions get out of tilter? Of course not. Especially when they believe they have been the recipient of an unfair interpretation of the rules. Serena in the past has faced this situation several times, i.e. 2004 US Open, 2009 US Open and again in 2011. Adding fuel to fire is that these calls came at crucial times in finals and a semi-final.

Press and sports writers, as well as the USTA have amnesia about 2004; when both umpire and linesmen made calls video later confirmed as dead wrong.  US Open 2009 brought the infamous foot fault call on a match point!  But Serena, a woman player, who just happens to be an American to boot, has faced these types of calls and subsequent fines in the only American slam. Interesting how the US Open achieves its highest view ratings of all players, even topping the viewing audience during this year’s men’s final featuring Nadal and the Joker.

So while the USTA makes major bucks off of Serena being in the tourney, the organization has taken $92,000 plus another $2,000 from Serena in fines.  They fine Serena saying it is to protect the integrity of tennis and its tradition; while at the same time allowing even endorsing other American players who continue to exhibit bad behavior while playing professional tennis. Why is it that only Serena continues to be treated so discriminatory. I became an avid tennis fan once the Williams sister entered the game. On the WTA side I will remain one until both retire.  But as for the USTA – you are an organization with NO integrity and you are biased against Serena.

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