Medical Reasons Stop Serena Play in China Open

Seven Years Ago
Serena won the 2004 China Open beating that year’s US Open winner
Kuznetsova 4-6, 7-5, 6-4

TennisWorld USA reports that Serena is not playing in the 2011 China Open citing medical reasons.   Specific info regarding the medical reasons are not available.  When she opted out of Tokyo I had doubts about the China Open. Quite a distance to travel for just one event!  Still thinking there were medical reasons impacting Serena’s play in the US Open final.  Taking nothing from Stosur but serve and movement for Serena were not there! Recalling that toe injury flaring up in the Cincinnati tournament and again in her semi-final match at the US Open. Hopeful the toe injury nor any other health concern prevents her from further play in year ending competition.  [—Serena-also-pullls-out-of-China-Open-articolo1582.html ]

 About Serena’s absence, I agree with this poster:

Women Tennis is just boring. It’s just noise making and back and forth rallies. I really was expecting to look
at Women Tennis with Serena in it.
Guess we got to look forward for the excitement in Men Tennis.

I really just can’t wait for Serena, Kim, and Maria  [I add Venus] to come back and bring that fire.”

The press is giddy about the ‘pull out’ news because no one name guarantees attention like Serena.  Thus, the press is using her non-participation as an excuse for including Serena’s name in misleading headlines and blogs.  Among other things, there are insinuations that China Open Officials left her name out of the draw!  Why?  To increase readership and attract hundreds of replies in their comment sections.  Quoting poster All Good Things: ” Ever wonder if they charge advertisers more for Serena articles?”

The Williams Sisters continue to define themselves
for themselves and to live out this well turned phrase
by Shakespeare:
‘To thine own self be true!’  

2 thoughts on “Medical Reasons Stop Serena Play in China Open

  1. fan of tennis (@Tennis77777777) October 1, 2011 / 7:04 pm

    Given all the times they’ve been hooked on calls, hated by the press and some fans, I’m amazed the sisters Williams even bother to brush it all off and continue to compete. I doubt they need the money.

    I sure hope they continue to play, but well, I sure hope they do what’s best for themselves.


    • wmssisrock October 1, 2011 / 9:54 pm

      Hey fan of tennis I too hope with all my heart and soul both Serena and Venus will be able to stay in the game for a while longer! It’s that confidence of being a champion that they bring onto the court, the individual style of fashion and style, the diversity they add to a much needed sport and, most of all the POWER + SMART/STRATEGIC play they possess! Like you though I hope they continue doing what they believe is best for themselves. Williams Sisters Rock! 🙂


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