James Blake best selling Author

“Breaking Back: How I lost Everything and Won Back My Life”

This book is one of the best sports related books I have even read and I am a voracious reader!  Released in August 2007, Blake’s book discusses his comeback after his unlucky 2004 season.  It debuted at Number 22 and reached No. 15 on the New York Times’ bestseller list.  I loved this book especially for its honesty and find it to be one of the most inspiring and remarkable tales of strength and determination! 

Don’t take my word alone, read the book reviews provided below.

People Magazine

No matter how many times you have watched James Blake do epic battle on the tennis court, no match can begin to give you as much insight into his character as this single, telling moment: He was once so saddened to see his cancer-ravaged father struggle to change his shirt that “I turned away – not in disgust, but to help him maintain his dignity.”

In his thoughtful memoir, Blake (who suffered from scoliosis and wore a back brace as a teen) recounts the painful events of 2004 – during which he fractured his neck on a net post in a freak accident, lost his father and was diagnosed with debilitating shingles – then spins the tale of his successful return to tennis in 2005. Non-tennis buffs may grow somewhat weary as he replays a few too many tournaments, but Blake serves up the rare sports memoir that actually has a heart. He cries, he mourns, he grows, he triumphs – and we cheer him on the entire way.


‘The Best Athlete Book I’ve Ever Read’ by Darren Rovell of CNBC

I spend much more time reading business books than sports books. That’s in part because I think books about athletes are usually downright awful. They tell us about things we already know about, they are for the most part badly written and, for this reason, only sell to hardcore fans who are willing to pay $24.95 in hopes of finding one story they haven’t heard before.

The new book written by tennis star James Blake, co-written by Andrew Friedman, is called “Breaking Back” and it’s quite simply the best athlete book I’ve ever read. Why was it so good? Because Blake’s story–his father’s death, contracting zoster, breaking his neck and his subsequent comeback–is so good that the tennis is the least significant part of the book. In fact, I counted a 60-page stretch in which not one tennis match was ever mentioned.






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