Serena’s Facebook Page announces Biggest Sports Innovation Poll

How popular is Serena – the icon, the outstanding professional women’s tennis Champion? Make that a Champ with a Career Grand Slam and a total of 13 Grand Slam titles.  Try this on for size…as of October 14th a total of  787,472 folk visited her Facebook page and bothered to click the ‘Like’ option!

As her profile states on Facebook, Serena embodies style, power, beauty and courage. Like numerous A-list
celebrities, Serena is recognized by the mere mention of her first name. Her remarkable tennis skills have skyrocketed her to fame, but only her unique charm and drive could explain her successful endeavors outside of tennis in film, television,
fashion and philanthropy.  Below is info from Serena’s Facebook page about one of Serena’s latest the business venture!

Serena Williams

My company,
MISSION Athletecare, is doing a poll on the biggest innovation in sports the
last 25 years… What do you think?!

Stay tuned,
we’re launching a game-changing innovation this week!




Mission is Athlete Engineered Skincare to help you prepare, perform,
protect and recover in whatever sport you do. We pride ourselves in products
that are loaded with Vitamins and Antioxidants and are paraben free,
animal-cruelty free, manufactured in the USA.

We welcome your comments!

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