ESPN Should Hire Katrina Adams

Join my campaign to convince ESPN to Hire Katrina Adams                 

Thank you Tennis Channel for including Katrina Adams on your Talent Team!
Message to ESPN – HIRE KATRINA ADAMS – Diversify Tennis Commentators

Hopeful ESPN will add Katrina Adams. She is a fantastic broadcaster on the Tennis Channel. I just sent my recommendation to ESPN. Asking you to do the same.

CONTACT ESPN: It’s easy! Go to Once there complete form like so: CATEGORY-TV Sports Event Coverage. ITEM-Tennis (other). TOPIC-Commentator/Announcer.

Why Katrina Adams? She is a terrific broadcaster, poised, articulate, sound tennis knowledge and she looks great on camera. In addition Katrina compiled a respectable record while on tour. And most importantly, she will bring a significant difference to the ‘look’ of the broadcast/analyst team!                

Also Why Katrina Adams…Because as I posted on Oct. 9, 2011 these are the

Tennis Commentators I’d Like to Throw Rocks at

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I’ve been watching the fall tour and thinking how great it is NOT having to hear the same ole tired and opinionated voices droning on and on ad nauseum…especially the two in photos above!

Shriver is the nightmare that ESPN keeps forcing folk to relive; and thanks to the Tennis
Channel and CBS so is Carillo!

Oops I forgot to include these ole hags

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