Serena reveals Pro Sport she’d Play if not Tennis

 The latest from ‘Serena’s Twitter World’
For starters, let me just say the Twitter photo is awesome!  It reveals the true ‘Diva’ that lives in the heart of this Tennis Champion!  The swimsuit and pose harken back to the glamour days of Old Hollywood!  Being a fan of classic movies and the TCM Channel, the fashion and sensuality of the female stars are channeled by Serena in this pose.  Think Lana Turner, Dorothy Dandridge, Ava Gardner and company.  Love it !
As to the subject of this blog page…what sport might Serena have pursued and conquered other than tennis?  Someone tweeted Serena asking what other professional sport would have interested her,  had not tennis been her pursuit since childhood.  The holder of 13 Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold responds :

Serena Williams

@serenawilliams Paris
Living, Loving, and working to help you.

serenawilliamsSerena Williams

I would not be in sports. RT“@KevinSilvestre: If you were not a tennis pro, what other sport would you conquer, @serenawilliams?”
MY RESPONSE:  Well Serena, since it works for you,  it’s more than alright with me! 
Serena  Rocks 
The Trophies
The Body
The Sisterhood

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