Serena Williams Busts Winning Moves in Brisbane


Okay people it’s a New Year and reporters of the tennis game are doing the same negative reporting on Serena.  Asked after her Brisbane win in the first round about tennis – she gives her answer:

“I don’t love tennis today but I’m here,” she said after beating Chanelle Scheepers, 6-2, 6-3 in the first round of the Brisbane International. “I can’t live without it — there’s a difference between not loving something and not being able to live without it. I have never liked sports and could never understand how I became an athlete.”

Here those reporters go again saying the likes of…she is self-congratulatory, disrespectful of the game, etc.  Well if not making tennis(which she has excelled since game one of her career) the core of her life something the tennis reporters cannot accept, who the hell should have a problem with that? 

Who made those reporters God?  Just because their lively hood depends on reporting on tennis  does not give them the right to judge any player.  Why don’t they apologize for never, ever giving Serena Williams the credit for being a complete tennis professional, i.e. meaning credit for playing smart, strategic tennis as well as having the power game?  Tell me now? 

Report this you jackass reporters … Serena remains the BEST player in the WTA today! 

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