Serena Williams Comments on Loss at Aussie Open


After her loss in the 4th round of the Australian Open Serena began her news conference by saying…

“[Makapova] played really well.”: “I honestly think it was on my racket. I hit a lot of errors. She hit some great shots down the line. But I mean, every ball that came, I just hit it as far out as I could.”

“I served like a . . . I guess that’s not appropriate,” she said, pulling back from what she really thought about her serve. “I can’t even describe how I served, to be honest. It wasn’t good enough. My lefty serve is actually better than that. Maybe I should have started serving lefty.”

 “I never blame any injury that I have because she played really well and deserved to win today.

“I look forward to our next match. I feel I can definitely play so much better. And that’s good. Like if I felt I couldn’t play better, that would be a problem.”

How does a 13-time Grand Slam champion lose to a 56th ranked player…the stats tell the story:

  1. Serena committed 37 unforced errors compared to 24 winners.
  2. Williams served at a poor 52 percent.
  3. Serena’s return game was off – opponent with weak second serve won 70 percent of those points. does the rest of the 2012 WTA tour hold for Serena being in the winner circle? Rest assured that like the infamous line in that film so says Serena –  “I’ll be back!”

2 thoughts on “Serena Williams Comments on Loss at Aussie Open

  1. tennis fan April 20, 2013 / 5:30 pm

    You’ve recently been scare in the online world. Miss your commentary and hope your life is going great.


    • williamssistahs November 13, 2014 / 6:22 pm

      Heyyyy TennisFan, slowly but surely, putting life in order. LOL Amazing year for the Williams Sistahs…nothing short of inspiring!


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