Documentary Simply Titled – Venus and Serena – Features Music of Wyclef Jean

Movie Venus and Serena

Did you know the music of Wyclef Jean accompanies the film Venus and Serena which debuted September of 2012 at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The Haitian-American ‘Renaissance Man’ who first came to fame as a member of The Fugees, but has since found solo success, and the sisters go way back. He explains…

wycliffjohnwithvenusandserena“I have a great relationship with Venus. I did [the Sundance Channel series] ‘Iconoclasts’ with her, where I was teaching her guitar & she was teaching me how to play tennis. That’s where our relationship started, and then I wrote a song for Venus, ‘Venus (I’m Ready).’

[Check Blog post titled ‘Wyclef Jean Writes Song for Venus”→ ]

April 27, 2012 Source: Serena Williams facebook page.

Shortly after that he saw Serena in Miami, who walked up to him and said, ‘Where’s my song?’   To which he answered: ‘Don’t worry, your song is coming!

About the film, Wyclef  went on to say: “So automatically, when it was time for the documentary, naturally they would find me, thanks to my relationship with Venus and my understanding of the struggle and where they came from. They knew I could contribute something.”

Listen to documentary Song written for Serena
“Heart of a Warrior”:

What the songwriter had in mind was to convey an understanding and feeling of struggle. In his own words he explains it this way:

“Even if someone is not into sports — when they hear this song —I wanted them to feel triumph.VenusSerenaOlympicGoldArmAroundEachOTHER

That’s what I get from Serena and Venus. They’re excellent at what they do, they win a lot,

but the road has not been easy,” said Wyclef.VENUS AND SERENA WILLIAMS AT WIMBLEDON SEMIFINALS

Documentary shows Williams sisters’ vulnerable sides as Serena and Venus revisit their climb to the top echelon of world tennis.  Here is a clip from the Documentary: ‘Serena and Venus’ featuring among many others comments from tennis great John McEnroe and fashion guru Anna Wintour:

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  1. Sherri January 24, 2015 / 12:20 pm

    Oh Yes! You can not mistaken this mans voice.


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