Serena Williams the Greatest Player of This Era: Going for 19th Grand Slam in Australian Open

SERENA IN CAT SUITSeems destiny made a date with Serena Williams, the greatest player of this era, who with a win in this year’s 2015 Australian Open will surpass Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova with a 19th grand slam. It marks the 6th time Serena will appear in a final here.

Serena was her dominant self in the second set of the semifinal; defeating Madison Keys 6-2; after a competitive first set that ended in a tiebreaker which the World #1 took  7-6 (7-5). Some say Serena hasn’t looked relaxed in Melbourne, but make no mistake – she’s fit, focused and ‘winning’; doing so despite being a bit under the weather!]

For the 16th time she will play Maria Sharapova in the final.  In the run-up to the Australian Open, the media was obsessing over the fact that Sharapova had crept to within 681 points of Williams. Serena’s semifinal win however, secured her reign as number one. [100+ weeks]SERENA ADVANTAGE (3)

But the story then and now is how Serena at thirty-something still maintains her status as the most dominant player in the history of tennis. And Serena, who along with sister Venus are architects of the power game, amazingly manages to keep evolving her superb all round game.

Can the same be said of her Aussie Open final opponent?  Sharapova has lost 15 consecutive times to Serena and in their past 11 matches, Serena has dropped one only set.


I respect Sharapova’s confident “it ain’t over till it’s over” ferocious attitude that she brings to every match. Still memory is a *bish* and just as Serena Williams has not forgotten Wimbledon 2004 – avenging that loss for the past decade and some years – neither is Maria Sharapova able to dismiss the reality of their head-to-head record since that Wimbeldon! [Hashtag Non-Rivalry]

Racquets Up…for Grand Slam #19  HEADER2

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