That Day in History when Fans at Indian Wells Disgraced America: Tennis Establishment never publicly Apologizes to the Williams Sisters

The American Dream is standing up for what you believe in. Venus and Serena have demonstrated belief in it, and have stood for  America, playing for their country in the Olympics since the 2000 Summer Games were held in Sydney  (Gerard Rancinan/SI)
The American Dream is standing up for what you believe in. Venus and Serena have demonstrated belief in it, and have stood for America, playing and winning for their country in the Olympics since the 2000 Summer Games were held in Sydney
(Photo: Gerard Rancinan/SI)

About Indian Wells, the scene of the crime,  the two sisters who have doubled as America’s top two tennis players for almost two decades, have reached a divide. Serena announcing that she is releasing herself from the vow of never playing the tournament again; to date elder sister Venus has made no such move.

What is not lost on me is that Venus Ebony Star Williams was the first African American woman to ever hold the title of World Number One. ALTHEAAnd like Althea Gibson, the first Black woman to win Wimbledon in 1957, she was out there in the ‘lily-white’ tennis world all alone. When Venus made her debut in professional women’s tennis in 1994, New York Times contributor Robin Finn called her “the most unorthodox tennis prodigy her sport has ever seen.” Trust me, considering the non-politically correct racial climate that was status quo then, it was definitely one of the mildest attacks Venus faced.

Years ago in an appearance with her sister Serena on Oprah, Venus responded when questioned about racial discrimination in the locker room, in  terms of how the other players treated her. She paused and reflected before a brief mention of how they – the ‘little darlings’ as the tennis media dubbed female players of the “country-club” sport then –  were leaving nasty/dirty underwear by her locker. I have no words!

Not surprising to me that after the sum total of her experience on tour leading up to Indian Wells; seven years after it happened, this is a comment from Venus:

VENUS LOOKING BOSS“I never even thought about actually playing because it was unfathomable for me to return to those circumstances.”

The year is 2001, a leg injury has forced Venus Williams to pull out of a semifinal match against her sister. Indian Wells tournament officials make no announcement until only minutes before the match. During the final, younger sister Serena is in a face-off with Kim Clijsters. She is roundly booed on the court and after winning, during the victory ceremony as well.

(AP Photo/Kim D. Johnson)
(AP Photo/Kim D. Johnson)

All the while Venus and her father face a ‘lynch mob’ like atmosphere in which they are heckled, jeered and called racial epithets in the stands – where they determinedly stay, as they’re presence represents support of their daughter/sister.

Venus Williams, the victim of vociferous rascists jeers, sat boldly with her father, in the stands. (Photo Source: Jed Jacobsohn/Allsport)
Venus Williams, the victim of vociferous rascists jeers, sat boldly with her father, in the stands. (Photo Source: Jed Jacobsohn/Allsport)

Tensions is so thick that Pam Schriver whom I’m watching on ESPN, reports live that the ushers were told in advance to be on guard for trouble in the stands.

RICHARD WILLIAMS BLACK POWER SALUTE AT INDIAN WELLSBLACK POWER SALUTE AT THE 1968 OLYMPICS 2While being heckled by the crowd, Richard Williams is seen on his cellular phone. Minutes later, a security guard appears by the friends’ box a couple of games into the match. (From a New York Times column written by Selena Roberts) His only visible reaction to the 15,000 fans in this disdainful crowd is a raised fist, reminiscent of The 1968 Olympics Black Power salute was an act of protest by Tommie Smith and John Carlos while the American National Athem played during the medal ceremony at the 1968 Summer Olympics in the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City.

Serena managed to win and voiced quite a prophetic message: ”I won a big battle today mentally, I think a champion can come through.”  Though victorious, the entire horrifying experience brought the champion to tears and running to the arms of her protective father once the match concluded.

Serena Williams with her father Richard and sister Venus at Indian Wells in 2001. (Source:
(Photo Source:

Today…America remains forever in denial that racism flourishes; when not disputing that the disgraceful incident occurred at all; tennis media pundits engage vociferously in validating the crowds’ behavior. [Prime example ESPN Tennis writer Peter Bodo’s Blog→]

The entire situation harkens back to the disturbing dark days of Jim Crow.  Denial, though not surprising, is quite baffling from a country with a history of three centuries of enslaving Africans and who’s cherished Constitution granted those of African descent only 3/5th humanity.

Disbelievers need to remember Indian Wells tournament director Charlie Pasarell also is quoted in a USA Today article nine days after the Indian Wells final:

“I was cringing when all that stuff was going on. It was unfair for the crowd to do that.”

And disbelievers need too revisit the assessment of then WTA Chair and CEO Larry Scott. After he had watched a tape of the match, conducted interviews and held discussions with the Williams sisters and their family, below are his remarks:

WTA Chairman and CEO Larry Scott. (Source: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Former WTA Chairman and CEO Larry Scott. (Photo Source: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

“Having watched it myself, it was one of the harshest environments I’ve seen a player have to be in,” Scott said. “It was a unique situation and one that obviously runs deep for Serena and for Venus.

Serena’s  recently  announced that she is returning to competition at Indian Wells, after a 14 years of letting her absence do the talking;  About ending her boycott now Serena says:

serenapretty (2)I play for the love of the game. And it is with that love in mind, and a new understanding of the true meaning of forgiveness, that I will proudly return to Indian Wells in 2015.

Serena writes exclusively in TIME about her decision in a well thought out piece.  You can read it HERE→

Georgetown professor and author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson speaking with Dave Zirin of The Nation framed Serena’s decision as “…the majestic arc of forgiveness in black life that has helped to redeem America.” He added:

(Photo Source:
(Photo Source:

“As the most dominant athlete of her generation, Serena carries huge symbolic capital. This gesture of principled forgiveness once again proves that black athletes at their best have been thermostats who changed the temperature of society rather than thermometers that merely recorded the temperature.”
Full article here

Join Serena Williams on her Return to Indian Wells.
Join Serena Williams on her Return to Indian Wells. FOR MORE DETAILS go to:

I applaud Serena for marrying her return to the cause of Justice; partnering with the noble work of the Equal Justice Initiative  (EJI): by operating a fundraising campaign in advance of the tournament. Details Here:→

More about the Cause for Justice Serena is supporting:


a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that works with communities that have been marginalized by poverty and discouraged by unequal treatment.  EJI provides legal representation to indigent defendants and prisoners who have been denied fair and just treatment in the legal system.

Venus Williams to date…remains silent on Indian Wells.

Silence was not the case in 2008. Venus in the self-assured, clear and concise manner that she is known for, shared her thoughts on the vow never to play that tournament again.

It happened during an interview about the WTA Tour’s impending plan to institute a policy designating four tournaments, outside the Grand Slam events, as ‘mandatory’ for the tour’s top players; with non-compliance resulting in potential penalties such as no rankings points, fines and possible suspensions.

Venus Williams stated she appreciated that the tour was attempting to create a sustainable business model, attractive to sponsors, television and fans; and had more to say:

Venus werars ElevenByVenus“Everybody has been on board with that, including Serena and I,” Venus said yesterday. “But we have had a problem at Indian Wells and we’ve chosen over the years not to play because of those issues, and emotionally we don’t want to be there. It would be too stressful for us emotionally, it wouldn’t be about the tennis — at all.”

Though the final sanction decision was up to the WTA Board, kudos to Larry Scott (adviser to the board) for choosing to engage in discussions with Venus and Serena about the matter in its entirety. Venus conveyed to him that the boycott is about Indian Wells and not about tennis.

venussweet“It’s not about not doing our best for the sport,” Venus Williams said. “We have a legitimate issue here, and it’s something we’ve all been dealing with over the years. But ultimately, Sis and I psychologically cannot play at Indian Wells.”

She added: “We try to be there for the fans who keep us in the game and allow us to do what we want to do,
but for us, it’s just not an option to play because of what we went through as a family.

UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 31: Tennis: Bank of the West Classic, (L-R) Serena Williams, Venus Williams, father Richard, and mother Oracene before Venus's professional debut at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA 10/31/1994 (Photo by Brad Mangin/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images) (SetNumber: X47224)
UNITED STATES – OCTOBER 31: Tennis: Bank of the West Classic, (L-R) Serena Williams, Venus Williams, father Richard, and mother Oracene before Venus’s professional debut at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA 10/31/1994 (Photo by Brad Mangin/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

SERENAWITHRACQUETOVERFACEAs a long-term devoted fan of the William sisters and their ‘Agape Love’ family, I respect whatever position each individually holds regarding the place where tennis fans disgraced America – Indian Wells.RACQUET

And equally ‘disgraceful’ is this truth – the tennis establishment ( WTA, USTA, ESPN Tennis and especially the current tournament officials of what was previously called Indian Wells) have yet to publicly apologize to the two wronged tennis champions, Venus and Serena, and their family!

Two Black women who changed the game, who represent the worldwide sport in grande fashion; and who are still playing well in their 30s – we should cherish them.  Again I submit this message to the Tennis Establishment – an APOLOGY is not only warranted – it’s long overdue!



serenagrandslamWhen will Serena become America’s sweetheart?


Earlier this year I blogged that Serena Williams is not your ‘Average World #1.

When in fact Serena is one of the most fascinating  figures in Sports today…AN ICON KNOWN BY FIRST NAME ONLY‼

(Associated Press Photo By Rob Griffith)
(Associated Press Photo By Rob Griffith)

I watch ESPN hoping to hear more about Serena Williams’ historic win at the 2015 Australian Open. But all I’m getting is continuing coverage of this year’s Superbowl. American pundits going on ad nauseam about the greatness and genius of  quarterback Tom Brady who just  won his 4th title, with little to no mention of the cheating controversy “Deflate-gate’.  They continue gushing over an inebriated/hard-partying Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots; who’s become the defacto ‘glorified bad boy’ of professional football in running stories on ESPN.

What Serena Williams accomplished winning the 2015 Australian Open becoming the third all-time best grand slam title holder was historic! Serena grand slam record

Coverage by ESPN and ESPN Tennis was relegated to simply covering the grand slam itself. Williams, 33, now owns 19 Grand Slam singles titles, tying her with Helen Wills Moody. Steffi Graf won 22 Grand Slam singles titles, while Australia’s Margaret Court owns the all-time record with 24 (before the Open Era).  There wasn’t any run-up coverage of Serena’s title chase during the Aussie Open and after the win, no special segments of congratulations. Sports talk shows were mostly absent.


The NFL’s Superbowl known for it’s astronomically priced commercials pushing the possibilities of innovation and technology, aired a series of spots entitled #LikeAGirl. They delivered an important message: your words should be tempered in ways that create and maintain confidence , courage and self-worth in girls.

Yet America remains mute on  and seemingly unaware that it is home to, what newspapers around the world frame as, the most accomplished female athlete in the world. One who not only hits #LikeAGirl, but better than just about everyone when it comes to her serve!

[NOTE TO  Olympic Tennis: Why are you still  in delay mode regarding Russian Tennis Federation Official Tarpischev, who made Racist/Sexist remarks about Venus and Serena on television. I commend  both the WTA  and the USTA for  immediately condemning him‼  He received a fine and ban in fact by the WTA.]

Why is the American Sports Media Seemingly
Dismissive of  Serena?

Some offer as explanation that Serena’s greatness is a given thus any word or action to the contrary becomes the story. Although counter argument to this is that the American media is remiss, as the time has yet-to-come of running commentaries on ESPN about “Serena the Great!”

Are there more grand slams to come in 2015? Thankfully Patrick Mouratoglou, the coach of Serena Williams for two-and-a-half years, clues us in, sharing  that she is ”mentally better”and has “bigger weapons”.  About Serena’s chase with the history books:

SERENA GLAMA AT AUSSIE OPEN“Of course she can,” said Mouratoglou. “I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. For sure it’s going to be very difficult. She will have to stay fit, she will have to keep the motivation as high as it is now. She has been playing 17 years on tour, so to wake up every morning, go to practice, all these things.SERENA WITH PATRICK

“But she still has for the moment.

Without fail they laud her power and strength. True, with the exception of elder sister Venus, Serena’s power game is unsurpassed. As I read, listen and watch commentaries about her game I silently scream – how can anyone see Serena Williams play tennis and not marvel at the intelligence and beauty of her game.SERENA DEVASTATING SERENA BEAUTIFUL 300SERENA BEAUTIFUL GAME 200

The extraordinary serve – forehand, backhand – and exact shot making. FINESSE. A mastermind at work on the court, able to identify the weaknesses in her opponents game. Prepared, arriving with a strategic game plan and focus/commitment to execution.  And win or lose, always going down swinging, most often with ‘precise’ swings.


outfitsWhen they arrived on the scene, Venus and Serena not only changed how the women’s game is played, they changed the look; stunning the ‘Lily White’ tennis establishment and fans in America. And they have and continue to endure the racist abuse and indignities that all African American trailblazers are forced to contend with  (i.e. Jackie Robinson,  Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe and etc.).

2014 US Open: Serena tied Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova with a whopping 18 Grand Slam titles.
2014 US Open: Serena tied Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova with a whopping 18 Grand Slam titles.
Serena receives the trophy from Martina. Australian Open,2015. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith)
Serena receives the trophy from Martina. Australian Open,2015. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

One would think with Serena the tide in America would have changed, in light of her achieving such unimaginable feats, not only surpassing Evert and Navratilova with her 19th grand slam but her sustained dominance in the women’s game.


why“Why I Write About
Serena Williams”

 by Ahmed Olayinka Sule, CFA

“Serena Williams not attaining recognition she deserves:
Following her 19th Grand Slam victory, she is almost certainly the most under-appreciated legend in American sport”
by Dave Hannigan
via @IrishTimes
“Serena Williams and her sister Venus deserve more respect and we should cherish them while we can”
by Charlie Eccleshare
LINK→  via @Telegraph
I have lived long enough to see some change for the better in America, and I remain in a ‘glass half-full’ hopefulness state that soon and very soon America will embrace wholeheartedly a most accomplished champion who is a marvelous soul as well. Now it’s showtime…featuring the ‘Hey 19’ Champion-of-the-World –  Serena!  ‘-)                              {guest Blogger @BlackPearlMoi }

Make You Wanna HOLLA: Why Isn’t The Story – Serena Williams Is Going For Grand Slam #19?

Watching ESPN just now, coverage of the Australian Open, and the verbiage is all about age – “Serena is the oldest player to reach an Aussie final.” Falderal! Serena Williams is on a history-making journey to surpass her compatriots, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova , in the elite 18 Grand Slam club. And she is only one win away from doing just that.


Why then has this part of her competing in the 2015 grand slam down under been on mute? Simply unbelievable to me. Seems the greater Serena’s achievements the harder the media, specifically the US tennis media, attempts to devalue her greatness. They remain stuck on the power narrative when it comes to her. Will they ever acknowledge what they see when watching Serena play? She is a most intelligent player, which enables her to strategize and win? Overlooking Serena’s continuing dominance in her sport is plain out perplexing.

While in America the chat is all about “the changing of the guard”. It only took the World #1 two straight sets[7-6 (5), 6-2] in her match against fellow American Madison Keys to restore order and shut down that talking point.(Avenging her sister’s loss to Keys at the same time!) ShoutOut to Serena for her encouraging words to Madison after the match. [WATCH VIDEO]

Now I am thrilled for the rising young and obviously talented Keys who reached her first Grand Slam semifinal. That she is projected to make her top 20 debut is fantastic. Under new coach Lindsay Davenport I only expect continuing progress in her development.

Here me well now, I don’t begrudge her media attention, but it should not overshadow what winning this final means for Serena and history!  Australian Open TennisAnd at same time it should not make Serena’s elder sister Venus an after thought as she will move up the rankings after this Grand Slam to maybe as high as top 10.

Truth is the Williams sisters, top two American women in the game, are not products of the USTA. Father Richard Williams chose, wisely as time has proven, not to put his child prodigies Venus and Serena under their tutelage. Could that fact possibly be at work here in what appears to be an eagerness to see a “Changing of the Guard?”VENUS AND SERENA WITH DAD

ESPN and the USTA are contractually bound at the hip and therefore responsible parties in what I see as disrespectful treatment of the Williams sisters. Maybe it’s because the USTA is so desperate for legitimacy; with its failure in producing top tennis players that it experienced under the many years of Patrick McEnroe’s leadership? (Must have been one hellova contract that still keeps him in the booth at ESPN Tennis as a talking head!)

VOGVenus and Serena remain perfect examples of positivity; no matter what swirls in the media. Most endearing to me is their close bond, it’s as if they understood that it would always indeed be them against the world!

And in the case of Serena it is astonishing to watch her transform her steadfast belief that she is the greatest – in match after match –SERENA DEVASTATINGwhere she mentally constructs a strategy, then physically delivers play, resulting in the defeat of whomever is on the other side of the net!

 Serena Williams talks to Chris Evert  Source:
Serena Williams talks to Chris Evert Source:

In her December interview with Chris Evert, Serena said she was hard at work fine tuning movement and improving her serve; and when asked about Graf’s record of #22 grand slams, she said she  was going to go for the gusto this year.

                                                              Click Here for Interview→]

And aren’t we the lucky ones, Serena does the hard work of fending off those attempting to dethrone her…and all we have to do is watch!

Now the Australian Open gets the sexy championship final match it was probably hoping for with Maria Sharapova versus Serena. Now Sharapova has lost every encounter with Serena since the 2004 Wimbledon. And again I fear the lead story will be all about the fighter coming for Serena and not Serena going for her 19th Grand Slam!

SERENAWORKOUTLet’s talk a bit more about history-making and grand slams; Serena has only lost four times in finals.  This has her currently tied with Martina Navratilova (18-14) and Chris Evert (18-16) at fourth all-time. Beating Sharapova would place her alongside Helen Wills Moody (19-3), and behind only Margaret Smith Court (24-5) and Steffi Graf (22-9). That Williams continues her climb up the record accomplishments in women’s tennis at the age of 33 is beyond amazing, and  frankly, my dear, I’m out of superlatives…OK.

Meanwhile as the tennis season continues I’ll be watching another game that’s being played – the Dodge-Ball game the tennis media is playing as Serena Williams continues her pursuit of Grand Slam #19 and beyond.  Go get #19 Serena and let all the other damn games continue, then…LOL! ‘-)

submitted by guest blogger @BlackPearlMoi

The Elusive SERENA WILLIAMS …Not Your Average World Number One

SERENA ELUSIVEThis Tuesday morning finds me a bit mystified by headlines in the media and twittertalk about the World#1 Women’s Tennis Player – Serena Williams! The chatter would have me believing that Williams’ number one status and, even her ‘greatness’, is in question. Why? (Warning this is where it gets comical and I may get cynical being a Serena Williams Fan.)SERENA I WILL STAY ON TOP OF MY GAME

Tennis Sports Writers, those who tweet and even some fans are aghast that Serena lost matches in ‘exhibition’ play: two of three singles matches at the Hopman Cup.  I admonish all to keep in mind…Serena Williams has maintained her status as World#1 for 100 weeks and counting; and more importantly, since her debut as a teenager, has never been – and never will be – your average tennis player!

Featured on Adrian Garcia, Dwyane Wade & Serena Williams in Sobefit Magazine.
Featured on Adrian Garcia, Dwyane Wade & Serena Williams in
Sobefit Magazine.

And the beat goes on…for example Serena being the player who dances to the beat of her own drum, took a coffee break during the Hopman Cup match with Pennatta.  What else could a jet-setter who just flew halfway round the world – with no time for breakfast – have but a bagel and expresso? 😉

Serena Williams decided a coffee might  help her overcome travel jetlag  after losing the first set 6-0 at Hopman Cup 2015.
Serena Williams decided a coffee might help her overcome travel jetlag after losing the first set 6-0 at Hopman Cup 2015.
Serena Williams smashed her racket and argued with several people in the deciding doubles match of the Hopman Cup, which she and partner John Isner lost to Poland.  Will Russell/Getty Images
Serena Williams smashed her racket and argued with several people in the deciding doubles match of the Hopman Cup, which she and partner John Isner lost to Poland. Will Russell/Getty Images

I can only shake my head in confusion and dismay – at the non-controversy ESPN Tennis wrote of as Serena losing her temper during Hopman Cup play while partnering with Josh Ishner. With the U.S. 2-1 down in the second set, a point had to be replayed after Janowicz prematurely celebrated after he thought Isner and Williams both struck the ball.  A five-minute argument involving ‘all four players’, the chair umpire, and a tournament referee ensued.
the ESPN Tennis headline read “Serena irked in Hopman defeat” and ran this photo(with caption).

What did Serena say about this year?

serena interview with chris evertSerena Williams in an interview with fellow 18-time Grand Slam winner Chris Evert shared her plans for 2015, which include ramping-up her serve:

 “I want to move a lot faster on the court,” she said. “I want to be more dynamic and just completely awesome out there. And I need to bring my serve back. My serve in 2014 was a little disappointing for me. I want my 2013 serve back, but a better version of that for 2015. I had so many double faults this year: I was hitting, like, seven in a match, and it was driving me insane.”

And when asked how much further she felt she could go by Evert, Williams replied:

SERENA OVERPOWER OVERTAKE OVERCOME“Well, it’s no secret. I’m going for the gusto. I’m going to try to catch up with Steffi. But right now I’m really focused on 19, which will begin in Australia. Whether I get there or not, I don’t know. But I know if I get to 19, the second it happens I will be thinking of 20.”

Read More About Interview at:

About the early losses in 2015 “Exhibition Play”:TROLL TENNIS puts it in proper perspective:


@TrollTennis: Serena Williams be like.SERENACALMDOWN

In closing: nonsense talk, doubting Serena, is well underway and to those doubters I say hold those thoughts


and let the damn

‘GRAND SLAM’ play begin…K!

humbly submitted by guestBlogger and diehard WilliamsSisters Fan @BlackPearlMoi!

“The Tennis World’s Most Charismatic Player:Serena Williams”: written by @BlackPearlMoi


Serena Williams, in the world of women’s tennis, is the most charismatic player! Serena herself has declared that there are many sides to her personality. Read on to discover why I define her as the most compelling player to listen to; and most definitely, to watch.

Take for example her surprising response in Italian, after winning the 2013 Rome Final! How she charmed the crowds with her language dexterity. And staying true to her–this gurrl loves to have fun–side; watch as she engages in some hilarious champagne popping.

Now let’s talk….about the Serena who tests and goes beyond possibility. Like when she enters the Serena zone. That’s when historical moments occur!  Wimbledon 2012: Serena set a record number of 102 aces, topping all other players( men & women) in this category. She won this tournament with 248 winners(102 were Aces).

Ever the perfectionist, Williams demands of herself an extremely high level of performance. And when she doesn’t reach it, frustration can erupt like a volcano! Remember the WTA finals in Singapore? After committing many errors during her Semi Final match against Caroline Wozniacki, watch how the racquet suffers the wrath of Serena!!!

Along with her extraordinary exploits on the tennis court, Serena is all woman. And when she vamps it up, all stop and stare at her beauty: as my MoMsy used to say “proof is in the pudding”; so gaze upon her, wearing Michael Costello, at the 2014 Vanity Fair Post Oscar party. BELLEZA!



I am forever grateful to Serena, and her accomplished sister Venus, for being the initiation to my love of tennis. Humbled am I to witness the unrivaled power, grace and elegance they exude. The tennis world is all the more richer, as are we who witness!

Serena and Andy Roddick Together Again

Exciting news that Roddick and Serena will travel down under to play mixed doubles in the
Australian Open and also the Olympics in 2012.  Go USA!

Serena Williams and Andy Roddick to pair at 2012
Australian Open

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 at 10:30 am (Reprint from Live Tennis Guide website)

The 13-time single Grand Slam champion Serena
Williams has confirmed that she and her country mate Andy Roddick will play in
the mixed doubles at the 2012 Australian Open.

The former World No. 1 Serena has withdrawn from the
remaining tournaments in 2011, where she suffered toe injury during the US Open
event at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows
Park. Serena said that, she will be pairing in the mixed doubles with World No.
14th ranked Andy Roddick in the year’s first Grand Slam tournament at 2012
Australian Open.

Serena and Roddick also confirmed to play for the
United States at 2012 London Olympic in the mixed doubles.

James Blake Rocks into Semi-Finals

Keeping my promise to ‘check out’ 😉 tennis on the men’s side … so Heerrreeee’s Blake!

Another of my favorite players James Blake, despite injuries continues playing professional tennis.  The former world number 4 is participating in the challenger circuit event in Sacramento.  He finds his way into the finals on Sunday.  (Sacramento Challenger website )  His enthusiasm for the game remains high; even though this venue is far from the scene of that 20,000 audience at the 2005 US Open quarterfinals that watched him battle with Agassi.

Ranked a career-high No. 4 in 2006, Blake plunged to No. 173 in March because of chronic tendonitis in his right knee. He “briefly considered” retiring last year but has rebounded to inside the top 100, at No. 63.

Read more about James below featuring excerpts from Blog: NorCal Tennis Czar

Blake having a ball, even in minor leagues
but James isn’t complaining…

“I don’t mind,” the top-seeded Blake said Monday after practicing with third seed and fellow American Sam Querrey for the $100,000 Rely Aid Natomas Racquet Club Challenger. “I love competing. I haven’t played since the U.S. Open (one month ago). I’ve just been training and wanted to get some practice in. “

James chose to participate in this event instead of travelling to Asia (for ATP World Tour events in China and Japan) to get ready for the European swing and gear up for next year. Continue reading

Check out SERENA on the COVER of MONARCH MAGAZINE from 2008

Check out SERENA on the  COVER of  MONARCH MAGAZINE from 2008


Sure its old news but Serena is truly rocking this cover.  If she had a hand in choosing the male models then I say that was a Winning-Shot! 🙂   The piece also includes a couple of looks from Serena’s clothing line.  Looking good like a 13 Title Holder should!

EXCERPT FROM Monarch Magazine

Today you are one of tennis’s great players. What do you attribute this to?
Well, I would have to say that my parents have all the credit. They really made it work even though they had to sacrifice to do it every day. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here.

Being an African American in this sport, how do you think your success has changed the view of life for young African Americans who follow your career? It’s been great. When I was growing up, there weren’t many African American tennis players that I could look up to out there, except for Zena Garrison. She had such an impact on my life. I hope that I might have that same impact on others some day. Then I would know that everything I’ve done would have been worthwhile.
Out of all the success you have had at this game, what has it taught you personally? I think it’s just to always be true to who I am, and humble at the same time. That is my life lesson. In this business one day you’re in and one day you could be out. I just want to enjoy success while I can.

How long do you think you can keep playing this game professionally? Well, I’m enjoying it so much. The energy and excitement are always there. I can do it for another eight years.

Away from tennis you have a real knack for business. How did this come about? My father is a real entrepreneur. I think I just got it from him, and my mom too. Being in such an environment, I don’t think you can help but to grow up with that mentality.

How did you come up with the Aneres clothing line?
Well, when I was younger I used to sew and make clothes, and I loved doing it. Later I went to the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They have one of the best curriculums around.

In what venues can we find your clothing? We’re not in stores yet, but soon. In fact I have a couple of meetings coming up next week. Finally I can answer more questions people have about the line.

Who wears Aneres? Every woman wears Aneres. My motto is if you look good you feel good.

Can we expect to see another television show from you and your sister in the future? (Giggle), I don’t know, maybe. I loved doing it, but we were doing so much work during that time. We had a hectic schedule.

After tennis have you ever thought about acting full time? Yes, even now I have a lot of gigs offered, but because of the writers strike they have been postponed for a while.

In your HP commercial you say that you love animation and have some ideas. Can you tell me one?
I have this super hero that I created, probably because I love writing as much as animation. Not too long ago I did a voice-over for one of my favorite cartoons called the “Avatar”. I loved every minute of it.

Do you know what the school your financing in Senegal will be called? I have no idea at this point. Maybe they will name it after me.

How do you deal with pressure of playing tennis?
My father told me, the pressure you have is the pressure you put on yourself.

Serena: What To Give A Beauty and A Birthday Girl Who Has It All

Thinking? Thinking? Thinking?  How to best send out “Birthday Wishes” to a beautiful, ambitious, multi-talented person, internationally renown tennis champion; and, someone who loves her family dearly? So I say to myself – Self – Just Say It!SERENAGLAMOROUS


SERENA 2010 Australian OpenAnd thank you for being an inspiration to women around the world – showing us and helping us to believe that all things are possible!  You have achieved great heights; and shown strength and faith as you endured your recent life threatening experience! You remain humble, fun-loving, a tennis fashion icon and one who gives back to the world community through your service endeavors.  And congratulations Birthday Girl on being selected the new International Ambassador for UNICEF.  phenomenal!

VENUSSERENAFIRSTPROMATCHCelebrate your 30th Birthday in grand ‘DIVA’ style.  After all, you and Venus brought the Style to tennis that made me a fan of the game – the power game, the vibrant colorful and fabulously designed tennis outfits – rocking earrings, braids and beads on the court – and bringing some much needed diversity to the WTA!  Heeeeeey!USA – 2014 Vanity Fair Post Oscar Party


CATIt’s time for some Serena-Birthday-Fun….besides the BOMB body, I did some searching around for some facts you may not know about Serena!  Inviting all readers to share other tidbits about the Life of Serena to this Blog in the Comment Section at the bottom of this Blog. Help me make necessary changes, edits and revisions.  Hopeful we can collectively celebrate and continue to send the love on this special day – Happy Birthday Serena!SERENAHAWT

serenaleather2Birth Name: Serena Jameka Williams

Birthdate: September 26, 1981

Place Of Birth: Saginaw, Michigan

Star Sign: Libra

Designer Clothing Label:  Aneres, her first name spelled backward

Birth Order:  Youngest of five girls

Awesome Accomplishment:  25 January 2003, won the Australian Open completing the ‘grand slam’ of women’s tennis

serenagrandslamCareer Grand Slam: Beat her older sister, ‘Venus Williams’, to win the 2002 French Open, 2002 Wimbledon, 2002 US Open & the 2003 Australian Open. By doing so, she joined ‘Martina Navratilova’ , ‘Steffi Graf’ , Margaret Court and ‘Maureen Connolly’ as the only women to have won four Grand Slam titles in a row.

 Favorite Tennis Player: Pete Sampras

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Author: Maya Angelou

Most Memorable Experience: Winning Wimbledon in 2002

Self-described as: Very humorous with a great personality

Favorite place to visit: Italy

Won 1st Grand Slam: In 1999 at Australian Open, beating sixth seed Irina Spirlea

Gold Medal:  At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney

Likes to listen: Mariah Carey and Brandy.

Residence: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA

Hobbies: Surfing, watching movies, football, skateboarding, playing guitar, reading, acting, talking on the phone, and spending time with family and friends.

Graduated 1999:  Williams graduated from high school in 1999, private school Driftwood Academy

Age Turned Pro:  In 1995, at age fourteen.

1st Year as WTA Competitor:  1997

SERENA ACTINGOutside of Tennis: Acting roles on television

Olympic Gold: a gold medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia

SERENACORERESULTSInviting all readers to submit other interesting tidbits about the life of Serena in the
Comment Section at the bottom of this Blog Page.


I didn’t get to sleep until like 4:30-ish,” Serena Williams said. “I definitely think that’s not the best way to plan for the final, so yeah, it was [hard]. It’s definitely tough when you go to bed at 4.”

After Serena Williams’ stunning loss in the U.S. Open women’s final yesterday, with Samantha Stosur pulling off a 6-2, 6-3 upset, Williams’ father, Richard, didn’t blame the chair umpire’s decision to penalize his daughter for yelling during a game point. Instead, he told The Post it was a late night, poor USTA scheduling and her own stubborn streak that cost her a title.

Williams appeared lethargic and weary-legged in getting run ragged by an unheralded Australian who hadn’t won a single tournament this year. The way the USTA chose to reschedule after last week’s rainouts, Williams played three straight days while the men were spared that fate, with their final slated for today.

Stosur had to deal with the same hardship, but her Saturday semifinal was much earlier. Williams’ match didn’t start until 10:11 p.m, and finished almost at midnight, as she was extended to 6-4 in the second set by world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki. And while Venus Williams politely declined comment, Richard said fatigue contributed.

“I just think Serena was tired,” Richards Williams said, which his daughter acknowledged. “She played a long match [Saturday] night, 6-4 second set. She didn’t start, didn’t get out there until after 10 o’clock. She didn’t get back until after 2 o’clock in the morning, get to sleep until after 4 in the morning.”

She still insisted on hitting the practice court hard yesterday — too hard, according to her father.

“She was already tired and wore herself out at practice,” said her father, who has been very philosophical about just being happy to have his daughter alive following her pulmonary embolism earlier this year. “I was telling her to come off the court and she wouldn’t. Stosur played [Saturday], too, but her match was so much earlier. She played well, but Serena was just dead tired.”

“The scheduling was bad. They talked about the men playing three days in a row, but what about the women? So the scheduling — and not listening — is why she lost.”

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