Documentary Simply Titled – Venus and Serena – Features Music of Wyclef Jean

Movie Venus and Serena

Did you know the music of Wyclef Jean accompanies the film Venus and Serena which debuted September of 2012 at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The Haitian-American ‘Renaissance Man’ who first came to fame as a member of The Fugees, but has since found solo success, and the sisters go way back. He explains…

wycliffjohnwithvenusandserena“I have a great relationship with Venus. I did [the Sundance Channel series] ‘Iconoclasts’ with her, where I was teaching her guitar & she was teaching me how to play tennis. That’s where our relationship started, and then I wrote a song for Venus, ‘Venus (I’m Ready).’

[Check Blog post titled ‘Wyclef Jean Writes Song for Venus”→ ]

April 27, 2012 Source: Serena Williams facebook page.

Shortly after that he saw Serena in Miami, who walked up to him and said, ‘Where’s my song?’   To which he answered: ‘Don’t worry, your song is coming!

About the film, Wyclef  went on to say: “So automatically, when it was time for the documentary, naturally they would find me, thanks to my relationship with Venus and my understanding of the struggle and where they came from. They knew I could contribute something.”

Listen to documentary Song written for Serena
“Heart of a Warrior”:

What the songwriter had in mind was to convey an understanding and feeling of struggle. In his own words he explains it this way:

“Even if someone is not into sports — when they hear this song —I wanted them to feel triumph.VenusSerenaOlympicGoldArmAroundEachOTHER

That’s what I get from Serena and Venus. They’re excellent at what they do, they win a lot,

but the road has not been easy,” said Wyclef.VENUS AND SERENA WILLIAMS AT WIMBLEDON SEMIFINALS

Documentary shows Williams sisters’ vulnerable sides as Serena and Venus revisit their climb to the top echelon of world tennis.  Here is a clip from the Documentary: ‘Serena and Venus’ featuring among many others comments from tennis great John McEnroe and fashion guru Anna Wintour:

The Williams Sisters: Serena and Venus – Still the Most Interesting Story in Sports

Damon Winter/The New York Times
Damon Winter/The New York Times

Years ago, soon after Venus Williams won her first professional tennis match, someone said to her father…”I think you got the next Michael JordanMICHAEL JORDAN

on your hands” to which
Richard Williams responded:

” No brother man…FATHER RICHARD WILLIAMS WITH VENUS AND SERENAI got the next ‘two’! “

[ #WELP…as the saying goes – Father Knows Best!!! ‘-) LOL ]

Both Venus and Serena are into the fourth round of the 2015 Australian Open – 17 years after the sisters’ first professional match there, they remain the most awesome and interesting story in sports.

The only sisters in the history books to ever attain the Number One and Number Two spots in the world ranking of tennis!


James Blake Stuns Del Potro in Stockholm

Keeping that promise to ‘Check Out’ 😉 action on the men’s tour.
Vigilantly surveying the men’s tour for exciting news; since my faves the Williams sisters are out for the duration of 2011. – and find totally terrific news about the James Blake. 

James Blake sent Juan Martin Del Potro crashing out of ATP Stockholm with a 6-4 6-4 victory to reach the quarter-finals.

James Blake Juan Martin Del Potro - 0

Del Potro, who was playing in his first tournament since the US Open, struggled throughout as he looked to keep Blake at bay, but to no avail.  Blake won the second set by the same margin to seal a shock victory.

‘This is my best win of the last three years,’ said the 69th-ranked Blake. ‘It’s the best I’ve felt on court for a long time. To get a win like this against a top player is great.”

Blake had lost in the summer to Del Potro in Los Angeles. In an effort to move his ranking back towards the number four he once held, the veteran has been playing in the occasional Challenger event, winning two of those titles.

Blake now stands 17-2 in Stockholm and will wait for an opponent from Argentine David Nalbandian or Croatian Ivan Dodig.

Recent injuries resulted in the world’s former No. 4 dropping out of the top 100. He remained steadfast and this year has climbed back up the rankings letter to No. 69!  Del Potro, back to a 15th ranking after his 2010 wrist surgery pause and hoping to be ready for the December 2-4 Davis Cup final with Spain, lost badly to the 31-year-old American who once stood forth on the ATP.

Hooray for James!

Serena’s Special Date at Wimbledon – Jack Marshall

Serena was the big winner at Wimbledon 2011 though she never even played in the final! Serena’s big win occurred off the tennis court. The 13 Grand Slam Champion made time during the tournament to spend two days with five-year old Jack Marshall who was battling cancer. Jack lost the battle with cancer today! Little Jack was diagnosed at age four in 2009 with a cancerous tumor. The operation in October of that year revealed that the cancer had spread, leaving Jack unable to walk. He bravely battled the disease and its various treatments until the very end.

“I read his story, and my heart kind of went out for him,” Williams said. “I thought if I made it to Wimbledon, I wanted to invite Jack out.”

Serena, who struck up a Twitter friendship with the 5-year-old Jack Marshall his family via Twitter, invited Jack and his family to Wimbledon.  They all came to watch her second round defeat of Simona Halep on Thursday.  The family said Jack, who was in a stroller with two teddy bears, enjoyed getting out of the house. He kissed Serena’s hand and “flashed winks at her,” according to his mother.

After meeting Jack Serena responded, “It’s just been so amazing, his whole story, to be so small to have such courage.”

Heartfelt prayers to Jack’s parents, brother and entire family! Little Jack Marshall a sweet courageous boy, gone too soon!

Visit the Jack Marshall website read more about Jack:

Serena’s Facebook Page announces Biggest Sports Innovation Poll

How popular is Serena – the icon, the outstanding professional women’s tennis Champion? Make that a Champ with a Career Grand Slam and a total of 13 Grand Slam titles.  Try this on for size…as of October 14th a total of  787,472 folk visited her Facebook page and bothered to click the ‘Like’ option!

As her profile states on Facebook, Serena embodies style, power, beauty and courage. Like numerous A-list
celebrities, Serena is recognized by the mere mention of her first name. Her remarkable tennis skills have skyrocketed her to fame, but only her unique charm and drive could explain her successful endeavors outside of tennis in film, television,
fashion and philanthropy.  Below is info from Serena’s Facebook page about one of Serena’s latest the business venture!

Serena Williams

My company,
MISSION Athletecare, is doing a poll on the biggest innovation in sports the
last 25 years… What do you think?!

Stay tuned,
we’re launching a game-changing innovation this week!




Mission is Athlete Engineered Skincare to help you prepare, perform,
protect and recover in whatever sport you do. We pride ourselves in products
that are loaded with Vitamins and Antioxidants and are paraben free,
animal-cruelty free, manufactured in the USA.

Serena and Andy Roddick Together Again

Exciting news that Roddick and Serena will travel down under to play mixed doubles in the
Australian Open and also the Olympics in 2012.  Go USA!

Serena Williams and Andy Roddick to pair at 2012
Australian Open

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 at 10:30 am (Reprint from Live Tennis Guide website)

The 13-time single Grand Slam champion Serena
Williams has confirmed that she and her country mate Andy Roddick will play in
the mixed doubles at the 2012 Australian Open.

The former World No. 1 Serena has withdrawn from the
remaining tournaments in 2011, where she suffered toe injury during the US Open
event at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows
Park. Serena said that, she will be pairing in the mixed doubles with World No.
14th ranked Andy Roddick in the year’s first Grand Slam tournament at 2012
Australian Open.

Serena and Roddick also confirmed to play for the
United States at 2012 London Olympic in the mixed doubles.

Serena Williams Tweets Away Rumors

@serenawilliamsSerena Williams
I NEVER address rumors but this one I will.
I am not dating @jakeowen.
He is a great guy with a super amazing girlfriend.

Serena expresses her disappointment with media rumors adrift that she and country singer Jake Owen are dating.

They have been good friends for some time now.

The media reports went into whirlwind form when the two were spotted
enjoying dinner in Matsuhisa restaurant at Beverly Hills in Los Angeles
last weekend.

The rumor frenzy must have reached an all time high, since Serena felt
compelled to address the matter.  As the above tweet indicates, she
adamantly denies that any romance exists between the two of them.

Gee folks – can’t a girl just live the ‘Glamorous Life’
and go out in LA to have some fun!

Remember Venus in Dubai 2010

Remember Dubai February 2010


Venus successfully defended her title at the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships. She defeated Victoria Azarenka 6-3, 7-5 in the finals. This was her first title of the year and 42nd of her career.


Venus and Serena do compete in this game – the pursuit of knowledge.! They believe that an education is a life long experience, evidenced by their academic pursuits and continuing college enrollment.  Thinking hey would endorse my asking you to complete this News IQ test. After all there in a Presidential election coming up in 2012.  How informed  are you?  Put together by the Pew Institute, it is only 11 questions in multiple choice form.  Test just how much you are in the know about news and current affairs?  Check this out.  Your results are revealed immediately! 
This News IQ test rocks – like the Williams Sisters!
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Tennis Commentators I’d Like to Throw Rocks at

I’ve been watching the fall tour and thinking how great it is NOT having to hear the same ole tired and opinionated voices droning on and on ad nauseum…especially the two in photos above!

Shriver is the nightmare that ESPN keeps forcing folk to relive; and thanks to the Tennis
Channel and CBS so is Carillo!

Oops I forgot to include these ole hags