That time the Williams Sisters were Diet Divas

That time the Williams Sisters were Diet Divas

Frank Herholdt shot the Nabisco campaign that featured Venus and Serena Williams endorsing the Nabisco Calorie Saving Snacks. Great Photo Advertisement was the end result. FABULOSO‼

Venus and Shaq together in September

The month of September in New York, Shaquille O’Neal and Venus Williams share a special moment together.  That moment would be sweet and it takes place on the set of  Fox and Friends. They were making a  joint appearance on behalf of Nabisco and its launching of the new Triple double Oreo at Chelsea Piers in New York in September.


Great to see Venus smiling, having some fun and enjoying life after having to withdraw from the US Open due to the auto-immune disorder, Sjorgen’s Syndrome. (See Archive Blog Posts)


Venus and Shaq shared big laughs and big fun, competing in a triple-header of Oreo cookie-themed games, including basketball.  The launch of the new Triple Double Oreo was a success and a fun time was had by all!


Both professional athletes have recently experienced major disappointments in their careers this year.

Recurring injuries in the latter stage of his NBA career lead to him announcing (in grand Shaq fashion)

his retirement decision.  And of course Venus is away from the WTA tour due to medical reasons.

    Both of these phenomenal athletes changed the game!


No matter their disappointment with health issues…Shaq Diesel and Vee Rocks show us life is a lot like Nabisco’s newest Oreo cookie      –      “How Triple Sweet It Is!”