Venus Changes Diet to Battle Disease


Williams’ last grand slam singles triumph was her 2008 Wimbledon crown. 

Venus  announces that she has changed her diet following the diagnosis of the autoimmune disease that resulted in her withdrawal from her second-round match at the U.S. Open this year’s. Williams told America’s ABC television that after her warm-up on the day of the match she was struggling to lift her arms over her head, although she had been well enough to win her first-round match in straight sets.

“I changed my diet completely, so lots of vegetables,” Venus said. “I (altered) my mind frame completely because I was the person who always ate their steak first and their salad second.”

The lifestyle change follows the revelation that the American has Sjogren’s Syndrome, a chronic disease where white blood
cells attack moisture-producing glands and can cause dysfunction of organs and body systems.

And Venus is hoping the new approach will propel her back to the top of the women’s tennis rankings. She has fallen to No. 103 in the rankings

“My goal next year is to play a full schedule. It will take some work to get there, but I’m no stranger to hard work,” she said. “I love the game. The racket feels right in my hand and I’m planning on going right back to where I was at the top of the rankings in the singles and doubles sometime within the next 12 months.”


Venus Visits the Desert Not Indian Wells

My got it twisted as most of the media in the US does when reporting on Venus and Serena.  They posted a story insinuating that Venus had decided to play the Indian Wells tournament.  As James Brown sang – “Please, Please, Please!”  Deciding to shop for tennis apparel while staying at  the spa, she made a visit to the Palm Valley Country Club located five miles from the site of the tournament.  Since 2011, the Williams sisters have boycotted this event, even though it’s a mandatory tournament on the tour and despite knowing the WTA will impose fines for their decision.  Unaware of disgusting 2001 Indian Wells final or care for a refresher of that infamous event – read on!


A decade ago, Venus and Serena Williams were playing in the tournament now known as the BNP Paribas Open played each year in Indian Wells.

Ten years ago the two sisters were supposed to meet in a (much hyped) semifinal match to be televised on ESPN in 2001.  Venus pulled out of the match with a knee injury and made the appropriate calls to officials according to rules in effect.  Yet two hours before the match was scheduled, the officials knew Venus could not go on but waited until the stadium was full to make the announcement.

Venus’ withdrawal gave Serena a walkover into the final to be played against Kim Clijsters.  Now all this occurred at a time when the media and opposing players were unfairly making claims that Richard Williams, their father predetermined which sister would win whenever they played each other.  I say this unsubstantiated claim was simply a reaction to the fact that Venus and Serena were ruling the championships year after year!

At the finals, Venus and  Richard were treated more than rudely – the predominately white crowd loudly booed when they entered and the angry, volatile taunts continued while they sat in the stands; as was Serena treated to the same throughout the match.

Serena writes boldly and truthfully about that day in her book.

Serena had this to say, “It wasn’t coming from just (booing) one section. It was like the whole crowd got together and decided to boo all at once. The ugliness was just raining down on me, hard. I didn’t know what to do.”

“I looked up and all I could see was a sea of rich people. Mostly older, mostly white-standing and booing lustily, like some kind of genteel lynch mob. I heard the N-word a couple times…”

Amazingly able to keep her composure, Serena  beat Kim Clijsters to win the tournament.

Even as Serena held the championship trophy aloft, the crowd continued booing and voicing other disrespectable words toward the entire Williams family.  That crowds behavior the media reports to this day as ‘rowdy’ but I call it what it was and is – straight out  ‘racist’ behavior.

To show the deplorable way the Indian Wells officials handled this situation I offer the Sony Erickson Tournament incident.  One year when some idiot yelled a racist slur at Serena. He was pointed out by some fans sitting nearby and promptly removed.

No such action Indian Wells.  To this very day absolutely no explanation or apologies by officials for what Serena, Venus and their family were forced to endure that day in Indian Wells!


A week later in a USA Today story, Richard Williams spoke about the  racial slurs directed toward  him and the family during the match.  The media continues to report it as ‘claims.’

It’s the worst act of prejudice I’ve seen since they killed
Martin Luther
King,” Williams said.

He said that as he and Venus were walking to their seats
for the final, about a dozen fans used the racial slur and one spoke of skinning him alive. 

 “The white people at Indian Wells, what they’ve been wanting to say all along to us finally came out: ‘Nigger, stay away from here, we don’t want you here.”

Not surprising, the tournament officials still remain silent on the treatment the Williams family received.  At the same time, how the hell can they remain silent when ESPN, which was televising the match, reported and the cameras cleared showed  that security was placed by Venus and her father seated in the stands.

Rightfully so in my opinion, the family has boycotted the tournament and have never returned.  The 2001 Indian Wells incident remains a sad reminder of the divided world we live in even today!


Thank God for making the Williams family a close, faith-based family; enabling Serena and Venus to put this horrendous memory out of their minds and go on to continue playing the game they love.  And winning Grand Slam championships!

As for you Serena and Venus continue maintaining your dignity because as this Blog site is titled…

Williams Sisters Rock

Venus and Shaq together in September

The month of September in New York, Shaquille O’Neal and Venus Williams share a special moment together.  That moment would be sweet and it takes place on the set of  Fox and Friends. They were making a  joint appearance on behalf of Nabisco and its launching of the new Triple double Oreo at Chelsea Piers in New York in September.


Great to see Venus smiling, having some fun and enjoying life after having to withdraw from the US Open due to the auto-immune disorder, Sjorgen’s Syndrome. (See Archive Blog Posts)


Venus and Shaq shared big laughs and big fun, competing in a triple-header of Oreo cookie-themed games, including basketball.  The launch of the new Triple Double Oreo was a success and a fun time was had by all!


Both professional athletes have recently experienced major disappointments in their careers this year.

Recurring injuries in the latter stage of his NBA career lead to him announcing (in grand Shaq fashion)

his retirement decision.  And of course Venus is away from the WTA tour due to medical reasons.

    Both of these phenomenal athletes changed the game!


No matter their disappointment with health issues…Shaq Diesel and Vee Rocks show us life is a lot like Nabisco’s newest Oreo cookie      –      “How Triple Sweet It Is!”



What Venus said about Missing Asian Tour

Without Venus and Serena on the scene for the remainder of the season is really tough on this tennis fan. The Williams Sisters Rock!  Now on the women’s side it’s back to that ping-pong mess – I’ll hit the ball to you, then you hit it back to me, and then I’ll hit it again back to you! Pleggonit!  Anyway good news, reports are that Venus has announced her intention to play the Australian Open.

Venus withdrew from the US Open prior to her second round match; after announcing she’s been diagnosed with the auto-immune disorder, Sjorgen’s Syndrome.  Prayerful the treatment available for this disorder (there is no cure) enables Venus a healthy return to the game.  How soon?  Hopefully in January when she travels down under!

Below Venus expresses regret about missing play in the Far East!

It’s a pity that I have to skip Pan Pacific Open in Japan and the China Open. I’ve always enjoy those tournaments in Asia

SOURCE: China Daily